Industry Focus

One of the most important tenets of our investment strategy is industry specialization.  We have invested in the consumer and distribution industries for over three decades and have invested exclusively in these areas for over 15 years. 

These sectors, which represent over one-third of the U.S. economy, have demonstrated compelling fundamentals including strong revenue growth, relatively stable profitability and attractive risk-adjusted investment returns.  While we believe that these industries are attractive, our success draws largely from (i) our ability to carefully identify relevant investment themes and transformational opportunities in these sectors, and (ii) our experience actively working with management teams to develop value-enhancing growth strategies.         

We have developed a network of resources in the consumer and distribution sectors to leverage our experience, including seven industry executives who are engaged by us as independent consultants, serve on our portfolio company boards and are actively involved with portfolio company operations. The Industry Executives have decades of CEO and senior management experience at companies in our target sectors and, although they are independent of our firm, work closely with us on all phases of our investment process.